I would easily advise any agricultural business to consider using TMS for accurate payroll and cost allocations functions.

Dreammaker Fruits Group is one of the largest Blueberry production units in South Africa and exists since 2002.  Our business is mainly Agriculture orientated and the nature of berry production is very labour intensive during certain parts of the year.  The weight of this expense in relation to the total production expense is therefore on the high side.  Being agriculture, application of labour does not happen on an area of a few square meters, but rather a few hundred hectares, on various production units and even on various companies within the group.

The application of labour on agriculture does not have a character of just a few activities repeating themselves everyday, but operations can vary from very simple actions to very complex which change continuously. This may vary from day to day, or even within the 9 hour shift.  All of these factors really create pressure to service the need  to measure, control and allocate costs incurred by labour applications within our business accurately.