Emerging farmers, existing farmers and investors:

With labour being one of your most important and extensive overheads, proper monitoring will allow your profit margins to grow.

Our system will save you time and money.

Welcome to Farm Costing Solutions

With extensive research and input from the agricultural sector, and coupled with twenty five years development on hardware and software, a fully integrated comprehensive system was developed to measure all labour management activities in the orchard.
A comprehensive database is built from our various integrated software packages.  Minimal manual input is needed.  The average hours worked and labour costs per Orchard / Block Activity per period can be generated by our user friendly reporting system.
The system allows you to capture all your labour costs for the season.  You are now able to monitor the real-time expenses against the labour budget.
Due to its portability and flexibility, the system is used on big and small farms, as well as other industries.

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