City advises of Eskom load shedding

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The City of Cape Town was informed this morning by the National Eskom Control Centre that they are initiating and have already started implementing Stage 3 load shedding. Stage 3 is the highest level of load shedding possible.

Click here for a list of the main stations, and for a list of suburbs and times that are scheduled for load shedding, click here. The City will keep residents and business informed of any updates.

Whilst the City is doing everything in its power to assist Eskom for the sake of our residents and businesses, it is important to note that the City is wholly reliant on Eskom for the electricity supply to the entire city. The City is only responsible for electricity distribution in certain parts of the city.

If a customer’s electricity supply remains off for longer than the period specified in the attached tables, they should send an SMS to the City’s technical operations centre on 31220. In certain cases the restoration of power results in what is known as ‘nuisance tripping’, which often goes unreported due to the assumption that the outage is due to the load shedding.

The City regrets the inconvenience caused, but would like to assure residents that all areas are treated fairly whether they are supplied by the City or by Eskom.

Customers can do their part by switching off all non-essential appliances and by monitoring their usage. Constraints on the electricity supply are felt throughout the day during the summer months i.e. there is no ‘evening peak’. As such, responsible consumer practices should please be applied throughout the day.

Any further queries should be directed to Eskom.

Eskom load shedding schedules are at: