Diesel Dispenser

This product was designed to provide control and logging of diesel issuing. It works by requiring a properly authorised driver and a properly identified vehicle before it will allow diesel to be pumped. In addition, it may be set to require a properly identified cost centre as well.

It makes use of Dallas i-buttons (various colours) to identify drivers, vehicles and cost centres.

The heart of the system is an electronic control box, which is used to record data and open a valve or switch on a pump, allowing diesel to be issued. The control box contains a memory module with data on employees, vehicles and cost centre, and also used for recording of diesel transactions. The data is periodically transferred to your computer by means of a flash drive.

Once downloaded, you may decide to edit the data by adding extra fields such as field number, process or cost centre group/class. You may add or delete any records as well. This allows you to enter manual records, for example those generated by purchasing fuel from outside sources like filling stations or using a diesel cart or trailer.

The use of tags for issuing of diesel also minimizes the chances of theft.

Stock control of diesel is also possible, by recording diesel purchases and entering stock level adjustments when needed. The system may be configured to give low stock level warnings at a user-selected level.

The system provides a log book printout and a summary printout to use in completing the diesel rebate claim. Cost centres are set up to indicate whether the specific activity attracts a diesel rebate.

All data and reports can be exported to a comma-delimited file (csv – spreadsheet) for further processing in your favourite spreadsheet program. All reports may also be saved into a PDF file for easy e-mailing.